*Our son's speech,attention, creative/imaginative play, eye contact...really everything really has improved dramatically! We are so encouraged and grateful to your help and so happy to be spreading the word about GAPS! ∼Ross∼

*My husband and I experienced an ectopic pregnancy in 2013 and were unable to become pregnant again for the next two years. I sought out Dr Cherie for an energy healing session not really understanding what I was getting into but it was my last resort in trying to move beyond the fear, the pain, and the emotional emptiness I felt inside. In short, our session together transformed my life and allowed me to move forward with my life's journey. I have often tried to explain my experience with Dr Cherie to others but I'm unable to capture the essence and the powerfulness of that session together. All I can say is, she truly has a gift and I credit our session together with my ability to become pregnant a few months later.
I turned to Dr Cherie again for her expertise with chiropractic adjustments during my third trimester of pregnancy. We started off every two weeks and moved to weekly adjustments the closer I got to my due date. I had a wonderful pregnancy and was able to continue exercising up until the day I delivered with sufficient energy and I credit Dr. Cherie and her adjustments for that. I appreciate all that she has done for me and the incredible gift she has inside! ∼Stephanie∼

* It would be my wish that everyone I cherish have a personal relationship with Dr. Cherie Lechner-Lunato. To find passion and loyalty at a level that Dr. Cherie offers is so very rare and rewarding to those who she touches, teaches and mentors. My life personally and professionally has been ridiculously rewarded by her presence and love. Anyone would be equally blessed to know and grow with her. ∼Mike∼